Ho, ho, ho…! No doubt – Christmas is coming, whether you like it or not. The Monk team is looking out the window and awaiting Santa Claus (yep, we are still childishly naive). But at the same time, we’re busily thinking about how to make this hectic time at least a bit agreeable.

Guys, we won’t eat sweets and play cards as we usually do on Christmas. As Christmas is a time for being together, it’s a perfect occasion to meet other geeks to collaborate, share experiences and have fun. So… we decided to invite all computer enthusiasts to a one-day hackathon! Rather like Santa’s elves, it is a place where, among other things, you could code and create software gifts!


For whom:
No matter who you are: a developer, designer, entrepreneur or just a computer freak, you can come and craft open source software with us. What are we going to hack on? You tell us! Bring your ideas, your motivated friends, and play with any technology or programming language you like: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, Arduino, Android, iOS, Windows… A Gift Application? Customized Christmas Calendar? A geeky gift for your loved ones? Build your own project or join one you like the most.

How it works:
We meet, we pitch, we create groups and get to work! One day is enough to develop a simple application from scratch all the way to the end. Of course, it won’t be a “rocket science” project, and it is not about competition – it is all about meeting people and having fun together 🙂

Facts you should know:
* Saturday, December 14th is the day – save it!
Telecom Working Capital will host us in its fine venue.
* It starts from early morning – 9 am, don’t oversleep!
* We’ll have lunch, but if you need more calories, be sure you bring your own snacks
* Important! Yes, we’ll have coffee.
* There will be swag and prizes from GitHub waiting (we like it, do you?!)

Convinced?! So register here.

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