We have news to share down here! The MONK family is growing and we’re extremely happy to announce that two new members have joined our team. From the beginning of November, Giuseppe will craft software in the Rome office, while Patrycja has started an internship as a junior developer in the Kraków HQ.
I would by lying if I introduced them as ordinary application-makers constantly staring at code. Both of them are fascinating people, with huge life experience and many systematically mastered skills. In addition to programming, there is one passion they share together – music! Get to know them more closely below.
About Patrycja
comes from: Poland
official profession: musician
admired artist: Thelonius Monk (sic!)
loves to do: riding horses, taking pictures with a disposable camera,
making movies in Mexico, driving a rikshaw
coding initiation: she unexpectedly registered for Rails Girls Krakow where she fell in love with Ruby! After that, she noticed there is no way she wanted out of the hacker life.
programming skills: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Ruby on Rails
learning hard: AngularJS, jQuery, all around Javascript. Reason? Because it’s taking over the internet and it’s offering endless possibilities.
About Giuseppe
born in: Italy
cooking often: everything but pasta!
in spare time: reading fantasy books or articles about programming, watching TV series
fan of: NBA and F1
first coded: PacMan in Visual Basic when he was 14 years old. It was awesome (!) but only once and he fortunately abandoned VB after some experiments.
dev competence: Ruby, Javascript, Java
beloved language: Ruby! Mostly because of its expressiveness and ease of use, but also because of the community around it. Ruby developers embrace agile development, TDD, BDD and they changed the way he works every day.
wanna master: a functional language such as Elixir. It gives the opportunity to look at programming from a different point of view and definitely helps to become a better developer.
Patrycja has played saxophone since she was 15, Giuseppe started his adventure with drums as a teenager. There is a lot of evidence that musicians are easily getting into programming – why? I couldn’t resist asking.
Patrycja: Music is a sort of specific code, as every programming language is. You have to learn existing patterns, useful tools and then practice like a maniac. Only then will you be able to create something unique and expressive of yourself. In addition, both professions are creative ones – you have to constantly be an active learner and thinker. There’s never a dull moment!
Giuseppe: Playing drums and crafting a back-end development have so many similarities. In a band, the drums cover the back-end role: it keeps everyone in time, it gives the song structure and dictates the rhythm. To make an application work, a back-end developer does the same obscure work. An application, just like a band, is a combination of connected components that talk to a synchronizing engine.
It’s a perfect match for the MONK team, don’t you think so :–) ? I look forward to seeing them programming and playing together!

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