It was a very stressed week the one after the #GoHeroes event that involved startupper, venture capitalists, journalists and in general many curious people. It was also a very good chance to write something on it with a fresh minded behaviour. We’ve got to develop and re-read this notes to find a link among the many rounds of sessions had these days.
What sent us Heroes? The first answer is:

Italy can innovate, but above all, Italians can innovate.

A little bit different compare to various meetups and StartupWeekend we use to attend, we noticed a strong set of medium and large companies. Last ones realized that invest in people who can solve problems with more or less simple solutions, brings a “fresh” human resources to combine their in-house developments.
Driven by the advice of mentors, the event hosted about fifty startups. These helped to create an atmosphere of positive contamination, expressed during the “presentation of ideas” to the judges.
Going to the point, what we have seen during these three days?
Well, a lot of people smiling ?. Exactly.
What emerged was a clear will to create and learn getting in new realities, particularly during the workshop. Many people interested and eager to ask many questions despite the limited opportunities to express themselves, to find out more, clarify their doubts and gather more information possible on the subject.
What are the Workshop about? Do we really “work”?
photo_2016-10-03_18-48-12Well, we can say that these events marked in shifts of an hour or more, are opportunities to enrich their knowledge in the startup world. Heroes have been very busy inviting the spearheads venture analyst helped by sessions of pitch building & public speaking and growth hacking.
Events schedule in one hand, we chose day by day thoroughly “things to see tomorrow”.
We obviously couldn’t miss events like the technical sessions on “how to create a speech” in few minutes (sometimes one) that expose in a clean way all the requirements of your business.
This fantastic practice is summed up perfectly with the word: “Pitch”. In this workshop Ivano Zanardo has mastered and intrigued the audience with simple tricks to make the exposure of our idea to anyone, from business angels to the young boy just finished school.
The business angel is a guy with a good asset and strong interest in investing in real opportunities. For a startupper is a person to be cuddled as if it were the most important person in their lives ??.
Growth Hacking
Scrolling the notes we found a heavily underlined row saying: “Luca Barboni – Growth Hacking”. At first we thought “finally we are going to taste a bit of code! ?”.
In fact we were “half disappointed”. Luca is one of the major expert in this new job that helps startups (and in general anyone who wants to produce an idea), he makes the glue between marketing and engineering sector. This support helps maximizing operations and the conversations between them (like a continuous handshaking), quickly reaching a working product ready to sell, the so-called MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
We’d be more happy if they’d given him more time on the stage.
I mean, only startups to Heroes? Absolutely no.
Keep in mind that Heroes is a festival, some times we sat listening to the stories of astronauts, scientists, writers who enriched our feedbacks, reminding us that outside, there are those who create, test, fail, try again, behind the scenes.
To sum up…


This article was written with ♥️ plus inseparable ? in the worst bar in Rome.

Ok, maybe we are giving too much information, we are going to close this summary giving you a list that answers the question “Can you summarize the Industry 4.0 in a few simple concepts?”

  • Europe is reaching the ecosystem of startup and innovation referring to Silicon Valley, with a hint of creativity that only the old continent can give
  • Everything that is “lean generation” is marketing. “Lean” what? In the next episodes…
  • Marketing is creating a need, a good
  • If your product / idea is not complete, doesn’t matter, go out on the market as soon as possible
  • Failure is part of an entrepreneur
  • A successful startup is: 5% idea, 35% team, 60% execution

What we did not like about Heroes?
In this world you have to be critical as objectively as possible. The organization of workshops, events and talk left little time slots to arrange even just travel between the different contexts, thus being forced to give up some of them.
Surely this first edition has provided the organizers an instruction manual valid to decode and improve the sharing of “what’s to do next”, fermenting the participants to make new team and involve more and more people.
I think the idea behind this festival was also this… bringing a beautiful poster of what will be “the work of tomorrow”.
P.S. Do you know what was the hardest thing at all? Well, explaining my father my job. While working home, he saw me writing in various colors some “incomprehensible” words and me laughing in my sleeve answering: “Dad, I’m coding!”

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