During our house-warming party in Rome, we wanted you to have fun. But we also wanted to take the occasion to show you how we really live and feel the “Be Monk” philosophy in our working-life, day by day. So, we decided to develop a little gaming app to show you what we did in the past few months […]

After months spent painting walls, building pieces of furniture and making our own arcade from zero (that was during our famous Creative Fridays), last week we officially celebrated Monk Software’s new venue in Rome. And we did it our way, of course. It was great fun. No, seriously, it was. Do not think of some sterotypical, stiff company parties […]

With conversational interfaces, content has really become a huge thing. It’s not like it wasn’t before, of course. Nobody can deny it: since the boom of social networks and storytelling, this is content marketing’s golden age.