Last time we wrote about this topic, it was our first attempt to make the “Monk Software beer”.
We brewed again later on – and we drunk that all, too. But this last batch has something special we wanted to share with you.
As said, we’re making things right this time, so we named and labeled our last two beers after two important people in the computer science history.

  • Ada Lovelace, also known as the first female programmer in history
  • Grace Murray Hopper, who had a key role developing COBOL programming language


Be. Mo

So Emanuela, our graphic designer, came up with this concept: Be. Mo, as in Be(er) Monk. That is our way to approach daily life, working everyday with enthusiasm as we’re doing what we like most: “crafting” from nothing. And we’re quite sure it was the same for these two girls when they started their careers.

Ada is a blond beer not too sweet, not too bitter with a nice citrus aroma. Grace is a dark beer, bitter coffee flavor and with a interesting character.
Last but not least, these beers were brewed in our brand new office (with some hiccup due to the new “improvised” location). For our new office house warming, it seemed like the perfect fit to us to celebrate the new Monk Software’s era.

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