After months spent painting walls, building pieces of furniture and making our own arcade from zero (that was during our famous Creative Fridays), last week we officially celebrated Monk Software’s new venue in Rome. And we did it our way, of course.
It was great fun. No, seriously, it was. Do not think of some sterotypical, stiff company parties you might have experienced in the past – it’s just not Monk Software style.

We had more than 200 friends and clients joining us, in the amazing setting of the Appian Way.  Besides nice food and homebrewed beer, we even had a jam session with some of the best jazz musicians in Italy.
For those of you who were there – and for those who unfortunately missed the party – here’s a gallery of photos taken at the event.
If you also want to see an awful lot of selfies, make sure to check and like Monk Software’s Facebook page. But many pictures were shared by our friends on Instagram and Twitter – just look for the hashtag #MonkHouse17.
PS: Curious to know more about those little red frames you see in some of the pictures? Well, we made a game for the party to unveil the “making of” the Monk Software house. Find out more here.


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