It’s that time of the year again! Nope, not that one, but the time when you write down round-ups of the past 12 months and try and foresee what’s going to happen in the next 12 ones.

We believe Customer Service will be one of the hotter topics this year, and we got ready to face the challenges 2019 is going to bring to us and to our clients. READ MORE

We are living the “mobile first” era and mobile marketing is gaining more power day after day.  In the time you have quickly read these words, millions of messages have been sent, push notifications received and online orders purchased. Customers gradually became more aware and demanding, but that’s an amazing news. It means that creativity, personalization and outstanding contents returned as essential in every marketing strategy.

Let’s team up! MONK Software is officially a hub for Google Hashcode 2018. On March 1st, our office in Rome will turn into a friendly open space for all the developers who want to take part to one of the hottest events of the year.
As Google Hashcode’s official website says:

Hash Code is a team programming competition organized by Google. You pick your team and programming language, we pick a Google engineering problem for you to solve.

Ready for the challenge? Sign up now and choose our hub – fun and food guaranteed!

Facciamo squadra! Monk Software è ufficialmente hub per il Google Hashcode 2018. Il 1° marzo, il nostro ufficio di Roma si trasformerà in un open space che ospiterà tutti gli sviluppatori interessati a uno degli eventi più interessanti del settore!
La competizione si divide in più round. Per ognuno di questi, Big G presenterà un problema e le singole squadre dovranno scrivere un programma generando la soluzione. Si possono sottoporre anche più soluzioni tramite l’online Judge System, tenendo sotto controllo in tempo reale i punteggi delle squadre avversarie.
I team che passeranno il round del 1° marzo accederanno alla finalissima di Dublino il prossimo 28 Aprile.
Noi, da parte nostra, vi offriamo cibo, drink e tanto divertimento. Ma, soprattutto, l’opportunità di conoscerci meglio e valutare insieme delle collaborazioni. Pronti per la sfida? Registratevi qui e indicate Monk Software come hub!
Google Hashcode Monk Software hub

After months spent painting walls, building pieces of furniture and making our own arcade from zero (that was during our famous Creative Fridays), last week we officially celebrated Monk Software’s new venue in Rome. And we did it our way, of course.
It was great fun. No, seriously, it was. Do not think of some sterotypical, stiff company parties you might have experienced in the past – it’s just not Monk Software style.

With conversational interfaces, content has really become a huge thing. It’s not like it wasn’t before, of course. Nobody can deny it: since the boom of social networks and storytelling, this is content marketing’s golden age.