Your company is growing: orders increase, you are hiring more people, the warehouse is getting bigger. It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of everything through post-its strewn all over the office, or through the large spreadsheet you have so carefully built during the past few months. If you ever find yourself in this […]

Here at MONK Software we strongly believe in collaborative software. Open Source community is something great and so huge that we just want to say thanks to everyone out there who keeps doing great projects/libraries & blog articles. Thanks for sharing! During our latest iOS project, we needed something that Apple’s APIs don’t provide. We […]

In the recent years substantial percentage of my work as a backend developer was to create API for other components of larger systems. Mobile applications, rich javascript frontends and of course other backend services. API is an interface between two software components. Very often those components are written by different people or even different teams. […]

My first task on the first day of my new job at MONK Software was to refactor a web application that had grown into a monolith rails application. Testing and refactoring are my favourite activities, so I started refactoring the pieces of code covered by tests. Then I moved to the pieces of code not […]