With conversational interfaces, content has really become a huge thing. It’s not like it wasn’t before, of course. Nobody can deny it: since the boom of social networks and storytelling, this is content marketing’s golden age.

Quando Absolute Vodka, qualche anno fa, lanciò la prima campagna pubblicitaria su WhatsApp, fu subito storia. Sebbene la case history fosse significativa a livello creativo, quello che la rese davvero unica fu l’intuizione dei suoi creatori: in tempi non sospetti, avevano scovato il potenziale di questo tipo di canale per le iniziative di marketing.

According to the latest data released by WeAreSocial, 2.8 billion people use social networks at least once month – and almost all of them (2.4 billions) do it from their smartphones. This no longer is a surprise. However, what is mostly disruptive is the change social media are currently experiencing. In no time, stream walls and public […]