Eccoci qui, con la Primavera ormai avviata e ancora addosso l’entusiasmo che ci ha lasciato il Monk Mobile Hackathon. Sono state due giornate ricchissime sotto tanti punti di vista e, poiché dicono che la felicità sia reale solo se condivisa, non possiamo non raccontarvi gli highlights del nostro weekend.

During our house-warming party in Rome, we wanted you to have fun. But we also wanted to take the occasion to show you how we really live and feel the “Be Monk” philosophy in our working-life, day by day. So, we decided to develop a little gaming app to show you what we did in the past few months […]

After months spent painting walls, building pieces of furniture and making our own arcade from zero (that was during our famous Creative Fridays), last week we officially celebrated Monk Software’s new venue in Rome. And we did it our way, of course. It was great fun. No, seriously, it was. Do not think of some sterotypical, stiff company parties […]

The Big Data and also Machine Learning conference in Rome has finished on last Saturday, so I thought I’d write some observations, thoughts and perhaps troll a bit (a troll a day keep the doctor away). First a bit of a disclaimer – it’s my first non-purely developer conference, so some of the things that […]

From the 5th to the 7th of October, some of us were back in Belgium, in the cozy town of Louvain-La-Neuve-Universite,
for the Odoo Experience 2016. It’s the biggest Odoo conference in the world, with more than 2000 attendees of
all kinds, from developers to end-users, wandering their way through the “Aula Magna” building to see as much as possible
of the 150+ talks end events scheduled in these three days of workshops, bussiness cases, tutorials,
good food and plenty of Belgian beer.

It was a very stressed week the one after the #GoHeroes event that involved startupper, venture capitalists, journalists and in general many curious people. It was also a very good chance to write something on it with a fresh minded behaviour. We’ve got to develop and re-read this notes to find a link among the many rounds […]

Seriously? “We are Monk” and we haven’t brewed our own beer yet? Make an own beer was the first thing that came to my mind when I got into this company. Honestly that was my purpose everyday since then }:-) As MONKs we like crafting, we like to discover how stuff are done, we like […]