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We develop software and applications using a range of technologies across different platforms to ensure you reach your targets.

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  • m-commerce

  • self-care

  • Start-up

  • Interactive training

Instant messaging app

For a major telecommunication operator we developed an Instant messaging app on iOS, Android and WP that enables p2p as well as group chats with a number of features like multimedia attachments, event organization, position sharing and tracking, as well as some industry specific functionalities like, between other, customer support channel, self-care shortcuts, shop finder, gaming and bots. The solution includes, between others, an integration with a CRM product to which we applied some custom solutions to increase efficiency through automation (basic A.I.) and case specific needs.

In a successful partnership approach we developed and evolved the app’s features in sync with the project goals which included minimizing impact/effort on client’s IT stack and development resources, supporting customer care call deflection, supplement and leverage on the primary self-care app, boost customer engagement and loyalty, support upselling and cross selling opportunities, increment the share of wallet and not last support the company’s brand positioning. With such ambitious goals, quality and speed of deployment have been essential whilst granting also a round the clock assurance.

The success of this project is documented so far by an exceptional rating (4,3) and top ranking in the app stores, over ½ mln downloads in the first 6 month since launch, an exceptional usage/adoption ratio.


For a department of State we digitalized an extremely large archive of legal documentation (covering 40 years of law cases) and provided a powerful advanced search engine. The main achievements of the assignment were de facto the scaling of the clients needs where from a single website design we jointly assed the larger potential for what has them been used as a model at national level by a number of other similar departments.

m-commerce & self-care app

For a Mobile Virtual Operator (MVNO) we developed the iOS and Android apps that incorporated self-care, m-commerce and instant messaging. We created the required features needed to foster a fully functional application for users on both platforms completely integrated with the MVNO’s CRM, prepaid billing, e-commerce platform and ERP systems We supported also the integration with the e-commerce platform and the crm system acting as support system integrators.

This project requested the use of numerous front end solutions to support a not yet stable back-end architecture of the newly born MVNO. To facilitate the communication between the various systems we developed a number of “monk buddies”, a type of solution we evolved over time in our chat messaging experience. This, between others, allows with extreme ease to enrich messages and address custom actions towards backend systems. For the same company we supplied our push-notification solution (PushCamp).

Selfcare app

For a major telecom operator with over 20 million customers, we developed the self care app which included numerous consultative as well as provisioning features such as invoice view and payment, one click top-up, payment wallet management, change offering/tariff plan, tariff option activation, vas purchases and management.

The main challenges of the project included the definition and development of API in an environment that had little API available and that potentially was going to have to support tens of millions of customer and enormous amounts of simultaneous requests to the backend. The project goals included also ensuring robust support for features, ensuring effortless navigation experience in the app, build analytics functionality into the apps to capture data around page tracking, and not least engineering and optimizing it for an exponential growth forecast whilst protecting core system performance of the mobile operator. By end 2015 the app has had over 10 million downloads, 4,5 million regular unique users and has been constantly rated over 4,1.

Start-ups partnership & support

We work also a lot with a number of start-up companies all around the globe as that environment is part of our DNA. Such collaborations resulted in numerous products and Apps ranging from Sport events organization, Driving school teaching tools, NFC payments and wallet management, restaurant booking system, virtual assistants, crowd based logistics, energy efficiency, and much more.

Interactive Training support system

For one of the world largest carmakers we developed a platform for interactive salesforce presentation of new car models. The solution includes a livestreaming with interactive mobile/tables interfaces to between others, increase engagement, participation and collect feedback. The interaction results feed back into the presentation structure and recommend alternative workflows or modules. The solution is also supported with a support chat.

The main goals of the carmaker were to impress and capture the passion of the sales force, at the same to be certain that all the sales pitches and technical marketing details were fully understood and appreciated. This we supported also with an analytics interfaces that allowed the carmaker to have all necessary information of the outcome of the presentation.



EIMe (Enriched Instant Messaging) is a turn-key solution for your company to enter the conversational paradigm. Much more than a white-label, EIMe is available as a stand-alone app or as SDK library. In just a few weeks your company can have its own chat with a dedicated contact to your customer support and much more to interact with your customers in their natural environment. (


Hashtagify helps you accelerate your business growth, brand awareness and marketing effectiveness through intelligent Hashtag Marketing. Our best‐in‐class technology helps master Hashtag Marketing far more quickly. We will help you amplify your reach, identify and reach the right influencers, and make smarter marketing decisions to secure new business. is the most advanced Twitter and Instagram Hashtags search engine. It allows you to find the best hashtags and the top influencers to reach your audience. (


Competitive analysis web tool that enables you to be updated on the comparative position of your sales distribution network by area, type of Point of Sale and various other KPIs. It enables real time and historical analysis at all relevant levels. For all companies in a competitive market who own or manage a large network of point of sales. The product can also include a crowd based information and documentation support system.


PushCamp is a very scalable, cost effective and efficient push notifications engine which includes a business intelligence solution to collect and manage big data. This solution includes an analytics dashboard and a campaign manager.

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