At MONK we strive to help facilitate processes through innovation. No matter what new technology is available, innovation needs creativity. At Monk we treasure art as the outmost expression of creativity and hence as a catalyser for innovation. Within our limits, we try our best to actively support art and make it part of our environment through our artgallery.

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Christopher Lenthall

London born artist, now living in Rome, Chris always deliberately moved between the traditional arena for art (the galleries) and the more accessible and less elitist alternatives.

Initially worked more with traditional media, then explored the world of technology, and now merges these two worlds: the computer is his sketchbook and playground, a virtual studio where possibilities, effects, and options are discovered and explored.

The paintings, are made by hand, nevertheless the computer makes its mark and leaves its impression. “As for the paintings of themselves, their meaning is what they are, and what they are depends very much on the person who is looking. In the end it's all very simple: it's all about choice.”

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