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We use cutting edge technologies to develop, in a partnership approach with our clients, bespoke innovative solutions. One of our pillars for success is simplification, and that’s why we also create products that seamlessly introduce efficiency and increase effectiveness of key business processes.














Instant Messaging Solutions

Enter the conversational paradigm with a head start to improve the overall customer relationship. EIMe, our Enriched Instant Messaging Solution is a powerful 360° ally for brands, enhancing Customer Caring, CRM, Marketing and Sales and sustaining a true and future prove innovative positioning.

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Push Notification Campaign Manager

Maximize your mobile marketing strategy in a few clicks. Much more than a Push Notification Campaign Manager, PushCamp is a complete solution for both traditional and Conversational apps, allowing you to reach your customers anytime and anywhere. Engage your target audiences through Standard & Rich Push Notifications, create and schedule your In-App Messages, manage your survey bots and much more.

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Manage your business processes more efficiently through a flexible, cost-effective, augmented Resource Planning. Then, add the rings you want to your value chain. A totally modular solution which ranges from simple e-commerce to CRM and ERP modules. Ideal for any SME or start-ups with ambition. Digital maturity of the company does not matter as UX simplicity and the modular approach allow diverse and always cost efficient approaches.

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M-Commerce and Self-Care Apps

Mobile is where your customers are and expect to meet your company to buy and get service. We designed, implemented and evolved different Self-Care and M-Commerce Apps for a variety of clients in diverse sectors. However our competitive edge derives from the experience in one of the most complex industries around: Telecommunications.

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Social Media Management Solutions

Master Hashtag Marketing with Hashtagify to amplify the effects of your social media campaigns. Find the best hashtags, track your competitors, analyse the top influencers in order to reach the right audience effectively - and accelerate your business growth.

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NPS & Survey Tools

Conduct surveys and mistery-shopping on your sales network with the help of SurveyMate, the easy-to-use tool to create, manage and analyse surveys and NPS campaigns. SurveyMate has a simple administration web app and an intuitive georeferenced mobile app to book and fulfil surveys.

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WebGIS Tools

Geolocalize your competitive analysis. ShopHunter, the web tool that enables you to be updated on the competitive position of your sales distribution network by areas, type of Point of Sale and various other KPIs. Ideal for all companies in a competitive market which rely on a large network of point of sales.

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Research and development

Our R&D efforts rely on a few dedicated people but involve every single Monk through various initiatives. We constantly explore new, innovative solutions to anticipate future tech evolutions, whilst sustaining and upgrading our existing products.
We are currently dedicating our R&D efforts and time mainly to Speech Recognition, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in general. Natural language applied to human-machine interaction is embedded in various products and solutions we have been offering over the past years, like BOTs and virtual assistants.
We also have a strong know-how on areas such as Data Science and Interactive Learning, that we seed and grow as an integral part of our offer.