At Monk we develop software for a variety of clients – from startups to established businesses. Our involvement has ranged from consultancy to full on product development from scratch. We’re also comfortable with designing both web and mobile applications using a range of technologies across different platforms.


Legacoop is a federation of italian cooperatives, which includes Mediacoop which represents journalist, publishing and communication cooperatives. They needed a website to present their initiatives, clearly and simply, and also to provide a foundation for improving media relations. We were responsible for the design and development of their website, and we decided to use Ruby on Rails to make it as simple and intuitive as possible


Monk is a subcontractor for Wind Telecomunicazioni, one of Italy's largest telecoms providers. We developed internal tools to help improve efficiency, communication and the user experience, as well as applications that help Wind’s business and private customers manage their lines.

Sentenze Italia

We used a variety of technologies, including Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch and Backbone.js to create a legal document search engine for SentenzeItalia. Our challenge was to create a tool that would allow millions of documents to be easily accessible by users who don’t necessarily have a lot of experience using computers.


Monk developed a web-based, real time news distribution platform with full text search capability for Novita. The platform is based on Websockets and it now allows thousands of users to access news agencies’ material in real time across all news areas; from sport to politics, weather to global issues.


We created an interactive multimedia iPad guide for Lexus to present the cars and their features. It includes documents, photographs, videos as well as additional downloadable content. We had to make sure that the interface was as user-friendly and engaging as possible, to create an integrated customer experience that is consistent with the Lexus brand.

Polis Energia

Monk became a strategic partner and shareholder in EnergyPolis in return for developing a CRM for managing all aspects of the energy trading operations, from managing customer relationships, sales, forecasting, finances and marketing. We built the entire system from scratch and are involved in its ongoing development as the business grows and our understanding of our customers' needs deepens.


We’re building a web-based search and reservation engine for sports venues for FillClick. The engine uses SOA and we are also developing web and iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications. We are joining the startup as cofounders with responsibility for the technical side of the business. FillClick will be launched in 2014 in Italy and Brazil.


We used Ruby on Rails, Websockets and a proprietary videoconference platform as the basis for the design and development of a customised interactive web application for Lamborghini and Renault dealers. The application is used in the training of dealers when a new car model is launched. It includes integrated videoconferencing and questionnaire modules to check learning progress.

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