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We are Monk. Software crafted with care and precision.

Software Crafted with Care and true Passion

We work side by side with our clients to develop cutting edge solutions in response to their needs and ambitions, addressing the challenges of digital transformation and enhancing their digital solutions.


Though having a large company experience, we proudly preserve the small company approach that makes us a valuable partner for our clients. And a happy family, too.
We have come a long way since the barber shop’s website in 2008. Nowadays, we develop a plethora of B2B and B2C web apps and mobile solutions, manage system integration and endow applied research & development. All of that, while pursuing our true love - the conversational paradigm and natural language processing (NLP).

ADAM Framework

ADAM Framework is the asynchronous solution for the faster and safer development of cutting-edge Apps. Modular and flexible, it's highly scalable according both to the needs and size of the project and the growth of your Customer Base, on top of a reduced time2market and integration costs.

EIMe (Enriched Instant Messaging)

Conversational is one of our main vocations, as we help Companies tackling the new paradigm: the return to natural language. Hence, we developed our conversational solution which enables the leveraging on natural language’s full potential.


Push Notifications are the ultimate way for marketers to elicit engagement and establish an intimate, direct connection with their audiences. With PushCamp you’ll be able to create, target, schedule and analyse Standard and Rich Push Notification campaigns, to make your message even more effective. PushCamp also manages e-mail and sms campaigns.

Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence

Today we represent a reference point for all those Companies looking for bespoke solutions based on simplification and scalability.
Our expertise and products range from Self-Care apps to Business Intelligence platforms, to ERP systems and further. All of that, while introducing machine learning in a holistic manner.

Technology We Use

Ruby Ruby
Rails Rails
Node.js a Node.js framework
Node.js Node.js
Javascript Javascript
Angular.js Angular.js
React.js React.js
Vue.js Vue.js
PostgreSQL PostgreSQLy
Android Androidy
iOS iOSy

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