ALD Automotive is a fleet managing and long-term rental company for cars, motorbikes and vans and a majority owned subsidiary of Société Générale. In Italy, ALD manages about 67,000 clients and has 180,000 circulating vehicles.

ALD asked for an easy-to-use tool to track their own  light commercial vehicles and a scheduler for the maintenance.  So, the solution was supposed to help them to monitor the assets, l ocated throughout Italy, and with the planning and tracking of both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.  


PRODUCT: MARK Maintenance Management

  1. We used MARK Maintenance Management (asset management module) to enable ALD to independently set up the anagraphics of the vehicles and the details of the maintenance appointments. In addition to that, we made the due customization to adapt the software to the specific environment (e.g. integrations to updates the assets and deadlines automatically).

    An advanced search feature allows to retrieve any information in a few click just by applying advanced filters.

    Thanks to the articulated roles and permissions we also allowed ALD to delegate the use of the tool to the contractor who manages the maintenance operations for them.