IPI is an Italian firm that serves as a Inspection Body entitled to perform the conformity assessment and periodic inspections  - mandatory by law - of installations and equipments. IPI was born in 1998 and is a growing reality ever since.


IPI used four softwares to monitor and manage their own processes and their customers. Such fragmented pieces of information made knowledge sharing, activity tracking and process management  very difficult to perform . The need was to rationalize activities and data, both past and future, in one integrated system.



In order to ensure flexibility, speed of implementation and feature scalability and to manage the many functionalities involved with workflow management, CRM and ERP, we developed the project basing on our MARK Suite. Besides the data porting for Inspections and CRM, the modules were customized according to the specifics provided by IPI. The solution includes: Inspection, Projects, Sales, Scheduler, CRM, Billing, Purchases and HR.  It is also available from mobile so that it is possible to update data in real time.

Daniele Marchionni

Amministratore Unico

MARK by Monk Software is probably the best product we have used so far, both because of its versatility and its value for money. It's also great for interaction among different areas of the company, as we can shared workflows and activities by granting access to specific views - resulting in a valuable knowledge sharing. We are satisfied, indeed.