Javascript and Node.js developer

Roma, Italy


We are looking for a developer to be a reliable member of our product development team of approx 12 very skilled professionals. 

You will be engaged in the development and evolution of our key products and some vertical applications. You will be part of an enthusiastic team of young and keen developers and, besides the professional stimuli, you will enjoy Monk Software's unique setting and lifestyle.

We at Monk Software value professional skills as well as passion and participation for the common wellbeing which is key to the growth project of our company.

Technical skills required
  • Strong JavaScript knowledge

  • Understanding of Node.js basics such as Event Loop, libuv and asynchronous programming

  • Knowledge of popular Node.js frameworks (Express.js, Sails.js, Koa2)

  • HighLoad projects experience

  • Architectural patterns / Design patterns

  • Database basics (relational or non-relational databases)

  • Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application

  • Microservices architecture

  • Performance optimization

  • TypeScript

  • Software versioning with Git 

  • Active learning

  • Commitment and accountability

  • Reliability

  • Problem solving

  • Analytical ability

  • TeamWork

  • Knowledge of XMPP

  • Experience with one of following languages: Python / Java (j2e)

  • Networking basic knowledge

  • knowledge of Publish–subscribe pattern