JOIN Experience, a brand from the homonymous joint venture among JOIN Wireless and POST  Luxembourg Group, is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on the network Base/POST1,2.
Active in both Belgium and Luxembourg from 2014 to 2018, JOIN Experience was acquire by BelgiumPost and is still active in Luxembourg to these days.


JOIN used to have three types of customers (prepaid and postpaid mobile, postpaid landline and business). Depending on the product, each user was linked to different self-care systems, partials and non-integrated. Such a fragmentation made  the customer support   more difficult and the users' reachability.  During the negotiations for the M&A with BelgiumPost, Join proposed to develop an integrated self-care app, aiming to strengthen their positioning as an "innovative" brand and serve all of the users providing a seamless experience despite the different CRMs involved.

To make project even more ambitious, the required time-to-market was of a few months only, due to the negotiations.  


PRODUCTS : ADAM Framework  |  BOB  |  EIMeRouter  EIMeChat

We sped up the UX and UI implementation through the  ADAM Framework. Leveraging on the ADAM integration layer, we were able to integrate the authentication system and the CRM in a small amount of time. That allowed JOIN to launch the Android and iOS native apps in a record time, at a very limited cost. 

With the new app, JOIN's users were able to use the app to consult their own information and to dispose actions (top-up, change plan, pay bills, suspend or reactivate options).

Even the assistance was addressed through the ADAM Suite products: Bob for FAQs and Discovery chabots, EIMeChat and EIMeRouter to integrate and orchestrate the conversations toward Zendesk's Customer Contact System.  

The project ended up being a success, and supported JOIN's positioning during the M&A with BelgiumPost.

Sascha Born

Marketing Director - JOIN Experience

Monk Software has delivered what most stakeholders considered impossible due to the budget and time constraints. The complexity of Join’s back-end system was very well managed by an extremely collaborative and creative approach and thank to Monk Software’s conversational  framework delivery has been impressive. It’s been a pleasure working with this unique Italian company