VEON is a telecommunications multinational company. Mainly active in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, it's the 13th mobile provider worldwide per number of subscribers. In 2014 it was the 7th mobile provider per number of subscribers thanks to the acquisition of one of the biggest Italian providers, sold in 2016.


Looking at the best practices by some multiservice OTPs and at the success of the conversational app of the newly-acquired WindTre, VEON was designing a conversational service app for the providers of its holding. Very focused on the performance, the requirements were:

  • a scalable push notification system, able to manage an estimated load of over 4 million notifications a day
  • the agile integration with the CRMs/campaign managers of its providers



Through our push notifications and campaign management product, PushCamp, we could respond to both the requests VEON made. PushCamp SDK was customized and integrated in the Client's app and with the backend systems involved.

Sergey Yadykin

VEON IT manager

Monk Software has provided an important acceleration to our ambitious project thank to their push notification solution and has partnered our internal team with a highly skilled and effective squat.